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Online learning for sustainability in a post-pandemic world

Date and time: 9. Juni 11:00 - 13:00

Location: Online

Kind of event: Workshop in english


Description: What knowledge, competences and skills are required to address current and future challenges? Education is considered to play a key role for achieving sustainable development. But how do we educate young people in order to become more sustainable and can the existing educational system deliver that or does it need transformation? The Covid-19 pandemic has forced teachers and learners around the world to develop new approaches and adapt different habits. Over night, digitalization has entered classrooms and made them, at least temporarily, obsolete. Now it is time to ask, whether we shall go back to traditional routines or accept virtual learning environments as the "new normal". In this online-workshop, we aim to discuss pros and cons to online learning and explore how it can contribute to sustainable development.


Presenter: Mag. Mario Diethart studied environmental systems sciences with a focus on geography at the University of Graz. Since 2009 he has been working at the RCE Graz-Styria (Centre for Sustainable Social Transformation) and devotes his research and teaching to topics in the context of education for sustainable development. He has worked on several EU projects (including e-learning, participatory urban planning, sustainable tourism) and is currently Network Manager of the COPERNICUS Alliance, a European university network for sustainable development that unites over 20 universities and bundles their activities.


Organisationsteam Nachhaltigkeitstage Universität Graz
Mozartgasse 12, 1. Stock, 8010 Graz


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